At Kumar Printers, we take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously. We are committed to following sustainable business practices in order to reduce our footprint on the planet. Our depth of knowledge of raw materials, production and state-of-the-art printing and packaging technologies helps us ensure optimum resource utilization and minimal wastage at every step of the production process.

We comply with all the environmental, health and safety guidelines laid down by local legislative bodies. We recycle waste wherever possible, and treat and dispose of industrial waste strictly according to the government regulations. Each new product that we develop is carefully designed with a focus on sustainability. We strive to educate our employees, suppliers as well as contractors about environmental, health and safety issues. We do not want quality and trust to be our only legacies; we also wish to leave behind a green planet for future generations.

Additionally, Kumar Printers provides its support towards other causes:

• Support girl child education by extending financial aid to ‘Kanya Gurukul’, a school for over 100 students at Dhobi, near Hisar.

• Help promote social equality by providing financial support to ‘Smile Foundation’, a social venture philanthropist aiding universal education among underprivileged children by creating a process to embrace these children into mainstream in a sustained manner.

• Help aid the process of rehabilitation of handicapped children by providing a helping hand to HCRA (Handicapped Children’s Rehabilitation Association), an NGO working towards problems of children with disabilities by attending to the root cause of health problem, controlling the incidence and cause of disability, elimination of stigma and other relevant social-economic concerns.